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Tatjana & Igor: Love at first sight does exist

Opinions on love at first sight are different, but Tatjana’s and Igor’s story is a proof that a love like that can be true and real. They both fell deeply  in love from their first glance and not even distance could ever tear them apart.  Whether one believes in love on first sight or not, the truth is that love overcomes all obstacles and questions all we thought we ever knew or took for granted.


When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

William Shakespeare

On a cold February evening, Tatjana, who then was a student, decided to celebrate the passing of her last exam with some of her close friends. It was that night that she met Igor – a man she would marry five years later. Igor came to visit his friend who ended as his best man.

“After few dates we had, I didn’t expected much, because he had to go back to his hometown.  But a month later we both decided to give our relationship another chance. Our love grew slowly and patiently. It was a long distance relationship for 3 years. When Igor finally moved to Zagreb, we decided to move in together. It was clear for both of us that we wanted to be with each other every day, every hour“, said our lovely Royal bride Tatjana.

Although their friends kept asking them when they would finally get married, for them the wedding seemed like a distant, unreal thing. Tatjana is not most girls and she actually didn’t dream about a big white wedding and a luxurious wedding gown. But Igor took the courage to make this important step:

“Last summer we decided to take a family trip to a beautiful island of mali Lošinj. My sister mentioned that maybe a surprise is waiting for me, but I didn’t take her words seriously. But it turned out that Igor already told everybody about his plans on purpose– I was the last one to know. Is was a nice evening, and walking by the seaside, in a blink of an eye Igor kneeled before me and asked me to be his wife. It was a big surprise and I was confused at first. But then I popped out the word -‘yes’. We celebrated our engagement with our family in a lovely restaurant on the coast.”

This nice couple decided they wanted an autumn wedding, because it was the season they both preferred. When the search for the right wedding dress started, Tatjana had no clear vision about what she would like best. All of her girlfriends and her sister were overly excited about all the wedding preparations and it seemed like everybody had an idea about what dress Tatjana should chose. So she broke the unwritten rule that says a groom should not see his bride before the wedding ceremony – and she took him to the bridal shop. After all, it was his opinion she valued most.

“I searched dresses on the Internet and some I liked lot, the models I saw in the bridal galleries. One thing I was sure about was that I didn’t fancy a big princelike gown – that just wasn’t me. I decided to pay a visit to the wedding fair and there I found Royal Bride, a croatian brend of designer wedding dresses. The prices were more than reasonable, and I could tell right away that the dresses were high quality. I searched Royal Bride by Ivana Bilic on Facebook and one of the models won my heart – it was a light A-line dress with a tulle skirt and lace on top. I went to the Royal Bride atelier the day after to try this dress on. It fitted perfectly, there was no need for any modifications. In this dress I felt so comfortable and like my true self. I am so lucky because it happens really rare that the dress you put on is the one you take home with you”, recalled beautiful Tatjana.

Her choice was the right one because everybody complimented her on her dress – telling her it was simple yet elegant and sophisticated.

Although Tatjana is not like all the other girls who dream about their big day, her wedding was a very romantic occasion:

“I will always remember my wedding day because it was filled with positive energy, laughter and numerous of heart touching moments. We danced and had fun till the sun came up in the morning. One of the greatest moments was when my husband decided to play a song just for me and I danced in front of all the guests”, told us our beautiful bride, a girl with deep, smart eyes and captivating smile.

In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.

Hans Nouwens

Just like other members of our Royal Bride family, Tatjana advises on the future brides to pay enough attention on the organization, so that they can relay when the big day finally arrives:

“Don’t worry about the opinions of others, everything should be just like you want it to be – and in particular your wedding dress. It is a dress you will wear on the biggest day of your life– the most important thing for you is to be comfortable and feel good. And don’t forget the shoes in which you can dance the whole night!”

We couldn’t agree more with Tatjana’s words. Royal Bride team wishes all the best to the newly married couple – they have already proven how strong their love is, now its time to lay back and enjoy it.

Your Royal Bride team

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