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Tatjana & Ante: ‘His proposal left me speechless…’

Ante planned his proposal to his girlfriend, lovely Tatjana, to the last detail. But things didn’t quite turn out as planned. He want to propose on his birthday – to make the day even more special. But on that day Tatjana had to work extra hours. So Ante had to wait till the day after. Despite that, everything ended well.

‘When he asked if I would be his wife, my first reaction was literary a minute of silence- that’s how surprised and touched I was. Tears of joy followed – I just couldn’t get grip on myself because it felt like happiness and excitement overload. I knew  I wanted to marry him – Ante was the one – of course I said yes’, recalled our Royal bride Tatjana.

So on that day this cute couple decided to make their relationship formal by getting engaged.  From the day they met it all happened quickly. After few dates they realized that they were made for each other.

‘By spending a lot of time together at the work place, we started to have long, interesting conversations about the plans for the future each of us had made and about life in general. After few months we decided to meet outside the workplace for the first time- and this is where it all started’ said our sophisticated and elegant bride.

The exciting wedding organization could begin. Tatjana had this idea of her self as a bride in a simple, yet classy wedding gown with a corset and a veil. But it turned out the search for the perfect wedding dress wasn’t a piece of cake at all.

The future bride paid a visit to all of the local bridal stores, but she couldn’t find what she was looking for. At the end of the day, she discovered the Royal Bride atelier by pure luck:

‘Frenkly, I have randomly chosen Royal Bride by Ivana Bilić. But it turned out to be the best decision I could make. I was really lucky, because right there, at that store my dream wedding gown was waiting for me. All of my guests and my husband couldn’t agree with me more on my pick and I felt really special on the wedding day.’

The wedding ceremony and the party afterwards were filled with joy and laughter. Tatjana told us that, among others, the moment she will remember forever was the first dance. And not because it was specifically romantic, but more as a funny story.

The thing was, Tatjana i Ante didn’t really prepare for their first dance. To be perfectly honest, they had only one rehearsal before the wedding day. As they stepped to the dance floor, they both felt stiff, like puppets on strings. Nevertheless, the reaction of the audience was good. It turned out nobody noticed that the two of them weren’t the best dancers.

‘The most important part in the planning of a wedding is do everything on time: don’t postpone some things for later, it’s beter to be prepared then sorry. Just don’t leave anything for tomorow’, said Tatjana giving advise to all the girls out there who will soon be brides themselves.

Of course, good organization makes a best wedding day, but you shouldn’t forget that for some things you will also need a little luck: you just can’t control everything. In the end, even funny and unexpected moments, like this young couple’s first dance, can make a wedding reception more relaxed. Moments like that will add some of the extra charm to your big day, so don’t worry too much.

The Royal Bride time is once again very proud to be part of this very special day for Ante and Tatjana. We wish them many happy years together and we welcome them to our growing Royal family.

Your Royal Brdie team

Stay true to you and you will find your dream gown.

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