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Stefanie & Philipp: A movielike proposal on her 18th birthday

Stefanie stood on the dorway as she noticed a white limousine parked outside. Infront of the car all of her girlfriends waited. Inside the house there was a celebration going on because it was her birthday. She got into the limousine without knowing where it would take them. She didn’t had a clue what was about to happen. As the car finally stopped, there he was – in a big heart of candles in the snow. She walked to him and then he asked her to marry him… On his knees. She said ‘yes’. It was such a wonderful, emotional moment – just like in the movies.

This amazing young couple have met for the first time nine years ago, at a party in Philipp’s hometown. It was a bin coincidence, actually, Stefanie has never been there before.

They took a whole year for the wedding preparation to avoid all the stress. Having enough time for every detail, they managed it all by themselves.

Stefanie’s friend from Croatia told her about Royal Bride by Ivana Bilic. She was so happy because of the possibility to borrow designer wedding dresses.

‘Every girl is dreaming about the dress she will wear on her wedding day. Basically, it was not hard for me. I mean, in my heart I am a little princess – so the decision was easy. I remember that I tried five or six dresses and the 3rd one was my favourite. I really loved it to feel like a princess. Ivana Bilić did such a great job. She helped me to figure out the best dress for me and she made me feel like a really special bride. She is such a lovely person. The day I found my dress was important for me, because then I realized it is going to happen. I will be married soon.’

Stefanie is a real knockout, a perfect girl with long blond hair and an amazing face. She has a smile that can light up a dark room. Wearing her princesslike gown with a glittery corset, a tule skirt and crown made of flowers, she was breathtaking beautiful. No surprise, some guests were speechless as she showed up.

‘They told me I look beautiful and honestly that’s the only thing a bride wants to hear on her special day. It was the perfect dress for me and all of the guests told me that. The wedding day was one of the best days in our life.

I’m so blessed I married the love of my life. He is a great husband and he was such a handsome groom. The moment I will never forget was the walk with my father. This was the most emotional moment for me on this day.’


He stole my heart... So I stole his last name.


Stefanie’s advise to future brides is to take enough time for the wedding organization:

‘It’s significant to figure out what you really want the day to be like. The time before is also important for you as a couple, because there you learn things about your partner you probably didn’t knew before. The best thing is that, in the end, your relationship is getting stronger with every step you go together. So, what I want to say is, take your time to plan everything as good as possible before the wedding – and when the big day is here you just have to breathe and enjoy. Have fun, feel beautiful and smile, because it’s your day!’

We are more than happy that we could help to transform Stephanie into her true self – a real princess. When the wedding day was over, Stefanie gave us a heartwarming promise:

‘If one day my daughter is looking for a perfect wedding dress, we will come to you!’

We sre sure she will be a perfect Royal bride, just like her mom.

Your Royal Bride team

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