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Natalija & Goran: From Random Coffee to Love Sealed With Marriage

Natalija and Goran first met at the Coffe shop where they both came with their friends, it was a coincidence and a first of many coffees they were about to share together. This unplanned coffee was a beginning of a 8-year relationship and a love of their lives that was recently crowned with marriage.

The proposal happened spontaneously and naturally, without big gestures. As Natalija and Goran were already living together, they came to an idea that it would be nice to gather their friends and family and celebrate their love story together.

Natalija heard of the Croatina brand Royal Bride by Ivana Bilić for the first time when her friend was preparing her own wedding – she also chose a Royal Bride wedding dress. And that was a dress that Natalija really liked a lot. It was the reason is why she decided to look for her dream wedding dress at the Royal Bride atelier. Well, the search didn’t last long – it was over with 3rd luck.

‘I did have an abstract idea about what kind of wedding dress I was going for, but I wasn’t sure what would fit me. I came to the Royal Bride atelier and with your help I choose several models. When I tried the 3rd dress – all the doubts were gone. This was simply it’, our lovely Royal Bride Natalija remembers.

The wedding of this nice young couple passed by in a relaxed atmosphere, exactly as they were hoping for.

The chosen fit ‘n’ flare dress of pure lines, with outer layer of fine lace and some lace details on the back, was simple yet elegant and feminine. Natalija wore her hair down and a chic hair decoration.

Everything was carefully chosen, with a lot of taste and in a decent, sophisticated style. Everyone liked the dress that fitted perfectly on Natalija. But, as she said, the most memorable moment was the one when Goran saw his beautiful future bride for the first time.

‘We were surrounded by people that are dearest to us and everything was warm and emotive… But the moment when my husband first saw me in a wedding dress was really, really special… All palette of feelings’, our charming bride Natalija told us.

We are proud that we made another bride happy and that we helped to make the most important day of her life more beautiful. Royal Bride team wishes Natalija and Goran all the best in their future life as a family.

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