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Marija & Renato: Marrying a High School Sweetheart

Soulmates tend to find each other sooner or later, and sometimes they start as classmates. Marija and Renato met as teenagers and they stayed together for nine years. At this stage it was clear that the time for the next big step had arrived – the wedding.

Renato decided to surprise his girlfriend with an unexpected proposal – so he waited for about a week past Valentine’s Day to ask her if she would be his wife.

All their dearest friends took part in this very special moment. After the romantic dinner, Renato took Marija to their favourite bar where the surprise party started as the happy couple arrived.

They didn’t wait with the wedding preparations. Marija, a real beauty with big, warm eyes and a doll face fantasized about the perfect wedding gown that would be worthy of a princess. Of course, only a big, classy gown with a corset and layers of tule could fulfill her expectations:

‘I dreamt about a big, white wedding dress from when I was just a little girl: a gown with a glitter corset. I tried on four different models, but there was no need to look any further. At the moment I saw that stunning princess-like gown, I knew it was the right one. And It wasn’t a mistake – I was receiving compliments the whole night through.’
'How incredible would it be to tell your kids you married your High School Sweetheart!'
We witness this every time a bride finds the perfect dress: she just knows the dress is the right one, no chance to make a mistake. This was the case with our Royal Bride Marija.

Royal Bride by Ivana Bilić was my pick because I was sure that it was the place where I would find the perfect wedding dress. And that’s just what happened. I can’t find the words to describe the great experience I had with Royal Bride. Also, I would like to thank the girls who are working at the atelier, they treated us so warmly and kindly – me and my little angel Vita. They really helped with all the trying on and making the best decision. I would like to say a special thanks to Matea, a Royal Bride team member who really put a big effort to make it easy and comfy for me’ recalled Marija, who looked just like she came out of a fairy tale.

The wedding photographs tell a story about a beautiful and amusing wedding reception this young couple had. We wish them a long and joyful life together, fulfilled with laughter, fun and lots of love.

Your Royal Brdie team

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