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Lana & Matija: A Playground Love Story

Could you imagine meeting your future husband while you were just a schoolgirl, on a school playground? This is exactly what happened to our Royal Bride Lana and her beloved husband Matija. The friendship from school days has overgrown to an eight years long relationship that was recently crowned with marriage.

Just like in romantic novels, they met as children and now they are „happily ever after“. We, at Royal Bride, are very proud to be a part of this beautiful and inspiring love story.

Their whole relationship was romantic and off course, so was the proposal: Matija took Lana to the place they first kissed to ask her if she would spend the rest of her life with him.
‘It was a rainy day, we were standing under one umbrella together – it was magnificent’, revealed our stunning Royal Bride Lana.

Soon after that, the exciting preparations for the wedding day started. No doubt, Lana’s priority was to find a perfect wedding dress. She didn’t spend much time looking for a bridal store, because she already knew about Royal Bride, due to the her friendship with Ivana Bilić, the owner of the brand.

‘I had no second thoughts about the right bridal shop where I would find the perfect wedding dress. I knew right form the start that my choice is Royal Bride because I really liked the dresses, the fancy atelier and the professional staff. Trying on wedding gowns at Royal Bride’s, I felt like being in a fairytale, recalls Lana and ads that the Royal Bride team was a great help to choose the right dress that would fit her best.

She was sure about the dress the moment she put it on. Her choice was a sophisticated mermaid dress made of lace, with an open back and a matching veil.
‘Everybody agreed that the dress was gorgeous. My sweetheart Matija was very thrilled and I felt so good wearing it. And that’s what meters the most!’

The organization of the wedding wasn’t a piece of cake, but in the end it all went really well, even beyond the couple’s expectations. No need to say, there was so much romance in the air that day:

‘The moment I will keep forever in my heart is the one when Matija saw me in my wedding outfit for the first time. Also, I will never forget how I walked down the aisle with two men of my life by my side: my dad and my husband. After the official part we just had a lot of fun together. It was a joyful and emotive celebration’, said our lovely bride Lana.

With a true romantic beginning of their love story, we have no doubt that this love story will last for a lifetime. We wish them many more happy days, as happy and romantic as their wedding day was.

Your Royal Bride team

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