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Anđelina & Kenan: The Forbbiden Love That Conquered it All

Their love story began like many others: they met dancing in an Austrian night club, they became friends on facebook, they started dating. But there was a huge obstacle standing in the way: their families were from different religious backgrounds.

Because they feared how the families would react, they decided to keep their love secret- and they hid it for two years. The moment they finally took courage to confess their love was not an easy one and the family members on both sides were not thrilled about the news. But as time went by they accepted them as a couple.

A year later, Kenan took Anđelina to a beautiful castle in the breathtaking Austrian contryside to have a romantic dinner – this was the night he proposed to her. With tears in her eyes, she said ‘yes’.

‘After all we have been through, the time has come for the next step in our lives’, said Kenan about his decision.

They didn’t wait with the the wedding preparations. Anđelina started to look for the perfect wedding dress, she searched online and noticed a Croatin brand Royal Bride she instantly liked.

‘Ofcourse, the dress was very important to me. I found Royal Bride on Facebook and made an appointment right away. Well, regarding the gown I have chosen– it was love at first sight. I didn’t regret my decision because the feed back was great- everyone loved this gown and they told me I was the most beautiful bride they had ever seen’, said the ravishing Royal Bride Anđelina.

The comments weren’t really surprising, because Anđelina, the girl with dreamy blue eyes and an angel face, dressed in this classic white gown with a corset and layers of tulle really looked like a princess of a royal court.

‘The wedding wasn’t a big one, we invited 180 people in total, only close friends and family. The most romantic moment was the first dance- as we stepped on the dancefloor as husband and wife for the first time, surrounded by people we care for the most- it was an indescribable feeling’, she exclaimed.

Anđelina and Kenan are the proof that real love conquers all boundaries. Their love story had begun as a secret relationship and it turned into a marriage blessed by beloved friends and family.

The Royal Bride team wishes all the best to this lovely couple and we also wish them strength to conquer any possible obstacles on their way. We have no doubt that their partnership is going to work- because this love is surely written in the stars.

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