A word from the owner:

My dear brides,

you’re beautiful and loved, what could be more special than that? The day you walk down the aisle is a special day in every women’s life, and the most important component is your wedding dress.

Whether you’ll go for a flamboyant ball gown style, an elegant A-line or a sexy mermaid style, your wedding dress is you – and you’ll know it exactly when you see it, so don’t worry. Relax and enjoy every moment of this sometimes chaotic period in your life but without doubt a memorable and beautiful one.
I opened Royal Bride with love, and above all our mission is excellence. Through customer service, the salon interior and of course, the wedding dress quality and style. This is a place you’ll remember forever – a beautiful place where memories are created.

You are our queens, and we want you to feel like one on your special day. Thank you for the honour of putting your trust in us and for making us a part of your everlasting story.

Ivana Bilich

The Royal Bride story

Royal Bride is a trademark brand based in Zagreb, Croatia founded entirely by Ivana Bilich – a young entrepreneur. Following the completion of her Master’s degree at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, in 2009 she set off to New York City to gain valuable know-how and insight within the bridal business field. Upon her return she gathered together a team of young designers and seamstresses – and this is how the story of Royal Bride began.

Today, many years later Ivana and Royal Bride are the market leaders in production of unique handmade top quality wedding gowns – recognized and appreciated by brides across the world. We’re a strong family business that offers quality and uniqueness.

Natural luxury materials

The majority of materials come from Istanbul, the world’s leading city in textiles and luxury materials. We use satin, crystal and border lace, silk tulle and elastin satin in our production. The corsets are our own design and patent, lined with up to 5m of silicone strings to make every bride look her best while feeling comfortable and light. We use undergarment skirts for volume so we do not need many layers of synthetic material, every layer of Royal Bride dress is created from natural material.

In addition to top quality 100% natural origin materials such as lace, satin and crystals, the construction of model types are Ivana’s prized secret.

Perfect gown for a modern bride

The wedding gowns feel as light as a feather yet they hide all those small body imperfections just like a corset and showcase all your curves at their best. The Royal Bride gown is a miracle dress to feel slim and in shape.

Every wedding dress is made with the utmost love, making whoever puts on the Royal dress the happiest bride on earth deservedly feeling like a queen. The models are designed to perfection, to fit perfectly and to make each bride fully feel comfortable and one-of-a-kind. Every dress has a story to tell – just like every bride.

The Royal Bride wedding gown is designed for modern brides who wish to look their best while feeling perfectly comfortable.

For the retailers

We offer our retailers an option to make changes within the design fully according to their needs. Our goal is to make your salon feature a luxury option that clearly distinguishes you from the rest. Redesign the model to fit your needs and share a unique offer.

Our retailers have a chance to choose the specific lace they want on every individual model from a large variety of lace presented to them.

Handmade luxury that will make your salon stand out.

What we offer

– 100% natural materials
– Made in Europe
– 100% natural crystals
– Reliability
– Redesign that fits your needs
– Custom orders for your clients
– A variety of materials for you to choose
– Uniqueness
– Fast response time and resolution of your inquiries